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Favorites From France: Top 5 Wines To Taste

As you are well aware, France is incredibly popular for its production of wine. And one of the best things about living here is getting to discover different tastes and different bottles from various regions across the country. I have been here a while now, and as I do enjoy the occasional glass (or 2), sharing a list of my favorite 'must taste' wines has been on my to do list for some time. For this epic post (and get ready to crack out the corkscrew!) I have teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers and it couldn't be more appropriate for this post...

'Just Chillin With Carrie And Kat' is a wonderful blog created by two amazing women, that have come an incredibly long way in such a short amount of time with their blog. Carrie and Kat share with us not only their love of wining and dining, but their tips, discoveries and thoughts about being such awesome women whilst hitting the mid life stride. You can tell through their creative posts that they are great fun, and as they are on the other side of the globe, I would have a 'virtual' glass of wine with them any day 😀 

So without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite wines from France. And don't forget to have a good look around the rest of 'Just Chillin With Carrie And Kat' for more great content on wine, wineries, blogging, and more!

A massive thank you to Carrie and Kat for this awesome opportunity and my first guest post!


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  • Carrie Myers

    Awesome intro Taylor!!! Thank you so much!!! Now it’s time to promote this puppy!!!