About Me

Hello! I’m Taylor, the one piecing together The U.S of Tay. I started blogging as a way of sharing my passions such as beauty, food, travel and everything else I can fit in to make life magnifique! It’s also about sharing my experiences of finding my feet, not only as a twenty something year old having a good old go at life, but having a go whilst living in France. From clean eating to where I am in the world, The U.S of Tay is a place where you will find inspiration for everyday life as well as getting a personal insight into what it’s like keeping up with such passions in another country with another culture.

I was born in Washington USA, grew up near London UK and have been living in France since 2011. Since then, fitting in and adapting to French culture has actually been the easy part. A lot of people who know me think I’m more French than anything else. But there’s a catch to this. I’ve kinda forgotten to embrace where I come from, and accepting the fact that I am different here has only just recently happened. Now I can say I am proud to be multicultural, the U.S of Tay shows everyday life in France whilst always trying to keep up with the U.S in me.

That’s me. So what about you?

My goal here on The U.S of Tay is to encourage and to inspire readers to become a better version of themselves in every day life. Whether it’s getting fit and healthy, or improving the way you apply mascara, every small action counts towards self improvement – imperative, yet too often forgotten.

Feel free to have a browse around my site, and if you would like to contact me in any of the comments sections, or on my contact page, I would love to hear from you! xx



The US of Tay is a personal blog incorporating opinionated content which reflects 100% my own personal (true) opinions. I try my best to ensure that any information provided is as accurate and as correct as possible, however there may be mistakes, errors or even omissions. Forgive me, I’m new to this. The content of this blog is for inspirational and informational purposes only and should not be considered medical, legal, emotional or any other types of advice. I am not a professional in any of the subjects found on my blog. Just sharing ideas peeps! And in doing so, please be aware that I reserve the right to change anything about my blog at any given time. All of the images used are my own, so please don’t use them without contacting me for my permission. You may find affiliate links in some blog posts, articles or on certain pages of my blog. This means that if you decide to purchase something using the link I will earn a small commission. And if you decide not to, I’m cool with that.


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